Trailwalker challenge 2017

Given its 2017, we want to get a few more initiatives going across the wider Cross 8 Team.

With the Cross 8 walking team meeting 18 years ago in the Australian Desert when Ben and Steve were walking with their three camels tracing the route of Ben’s ancestor, and Tobias (founder of Cross 8) turned up in a Pink Land Rover to act as support crew. The rest is history and 18 years on we are doing Trailwalker 2017 to raise money for the Gurkha Trust and Oxfam whilst getting the wider Cross 8 Team outdoors

Organised in partnership with Oxfam, Trailwalker is the ultimate in long distance challenges: teams of four taking on an unforgettable 100km journey across the South Downs in under 30 hours.

The event is managed by Gurkhas and Gurkha teams lead the charge, but thousands of competitors take part from all age groups.

You can support the challenge by donating via our Just Giving page and keep updated with our progress on our Twitter and Facebook pages