Cross 8 worked with our client and their external suppliers to enhance their global supply chain
capabilities by integrating
previously separate supply chains, deploying a common SAP based system, and onboarding new third party providers. We deployed an approach which halved implementation time.


Cross 8 provided a dedicated team of six experts in Programme and Project Management, Design, and Business Change.


  • Develop Supply Chain Integration
  • Technology Design and Implementation
  • SAP Rollout
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Change Management


The existing supply chain management systems and processes were fragmented, leading to inefficiencies and hindering the client’s ability to
respond to market demands effectively.

The integration of a common SAP based system and the onboarding of new third-party providers presented significant implementation challenges, particularly when delivered in parallel with ambitious global growth plans. An existing programme to move to a global supply chain solution was in flight, but each target site was treated as a unique implementation with a long lead time.


Cross 8 adopted a comprehensive approach that focused on collaboration, standardisation, and strategic planning. The Cross 8 team worked closely with the client’s internal programme team and external suppliers to streamline design and implementation methodologies.

We documented and standardised the design and implementation processes, putting in place principles that could be applied in a repeatable fashion across each rollout. This collaborative effort ensured that the entire supply chain redevelopment process was cohesive and aligned with the client’s objectives.

The approach also included working with regional managers to develop tailored roll-out plans and strategies, aimed at enhancing adoption rates and maximising the benefits of the new system and processes.


The approach employed by Cross 8 yielded a range of tangible benefits for the client: 

  • >50% reduction in implementation time: Average data implementation time per site was reduced from 50 weeks to 19 weeks. This saved implementation costs and led to quicker realisation of operational improvements and cost savings. 
  • Improved Adoption: Collaboration with regional managers ensured that the standardised system capabilities were adopted more effectively across the organisation. This improved adoption led to a smoother transition for employees.
  • Increased value for money from the core purchase: Cross 8 applied maximum use of the core system as a design principle. Additional third party systems were used only when functionality was not available in the core system. In this way, we avoided the duplication and redundancies common to many multi-national organisations.
  • Simplifying the future upgrade path: By ensuring customisation was only used where essential, the client was able to remain on the main upgrade path for the core system, providing a lower whole of life cost.


The collaboration between Cross 8 and our client showcased the power of strategic consulting in driving supply chain redevelopment. By leveraging our expertise in Programme and Project Management, Design, and Business Change, the Cross 8 team had a disproportionate impact given its size.

The approach we employed, characterised by collaboration, standardisation, and tailored rollout plans, led to remarkable outcomes. These included reduced implementation time, improved adoption rates, and enhanced delivery capabilities.

The successful transformation not only improved the client’s operational efficiency but also helped position them for continued growth and success in a competitive global market.

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