Programme Design and Delivery – Global Supply Chain

Reducing the implementation cycle and ensuring consistency of design at a complex, cross-business unit international programme.

The Challenge:

Our client’s international operation was run from two separate business units, each with its own supply chain. This was inefficient organisationally and led to increased overhead. The natural conclusion was to integrate them into a single global supply chain, and the decision to deploy a common SAP based system with a surrounding ecosystem of supporting new third party providers was made by the Group Board.

While clearly the right direction to address their core issues the resulting multi-year programme was highly complex, requiring a global rollout and running alongside an ambitious growth plan.


Cross 8’s Approach

Following our usual approach of embedding a small team of highly effective people, we provided a team of six who led on Programme and Project Management, Design, and Business change to strengthen these key areas.

Our team worked with regional managers to develop their roll out plans and regional approach, enabling the programme to drive delivery.

At the same time we worked with the existing internal programme staff and external suppliers to document and standardise the design and implementation methodology, providing a consistent coherent framework to apply across each business unit.

The Results

Through a combination of implementing a new methodology and driving delivery through the regions, we reduced the average implementation time by more than half from 50 weeks to 19 weeks. We also significantly improved adoption of the standard system capabilities, reducing unnecessary customisation and reliance on the satellite ecosystem and thereby increasing value for money from the core purchase.

As a result of these successes, the client singled out Cross 8 for recommendation to one of its key system integrators to help them turn around a large programme.

After the initial successful engagement, Cross 8 was re-engaged to provide support on transition to the new model, cut over planning throughout Europe and the Americas, and project management and design of new phases.


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