With decades of experience leading change from small scale continuous improvement initiatives to multimillion pound Transformation programmes, we can help you manage your organisation’s change whatever the size and cost.

We have successfully supported our clients with teams including:

  • Transformation Directors responsible for leading portfolios of programmes
  • Programme Managers and Project Managers delivering individual changes
  • Design Leads and Solution Architects ensuring the system as a whole delivers your strategy and fits with your operating model
  • Business Analysts to ensure that the running requirements gathering workshops
  • Programme Management Offices ensuring every stakeholder has the visibility of progress they need

And with Cross 8, you’re never buying time, you’re getting solutions.

We specialise in placing small teams of key people into pivotal roles so that they can focus on delivering your outcomes: Light touch… Maximum impact.

Check out our Case Studies so you can see how our expert consultants have helped our clients shape and deliver changes to start releasing value as quickly as possible, and then get in touch to find out how we can do the same for you.