Cross8 have been pivotal in building and operating commercial functions across a number of organisations. Our teams have been directly responsible for sourcing more than £2 billion and running cost optimisation programmes which have saved our clients approximately £310 million.

Our commercial experience started out at the hard edge of acting on behalf our clients to negotiate and manage multimillion pound transformation contracts. Since that time we have successfully helped clients in both the private and public sector with a full range of commercial activities.

We like to think that cost optimisation is the ideal demonstration of the Cross8 approach: small teams that have a disproportionately large impact. Something that our track record of saving blue chip companies tens of millions of pounds annually bears out. And even better, by unlocking value from other suppliers we can leave our clients net beneficiaries from our cost optimisation projects.

But a commercial function isn’t only about cost, we have also:

  • Developed Commercial and Supplier strategies that deliver sustainable value – both writing and implementing those strategies
  • Acted on our client’s behalf in major negotiations and sourcing
  • Redesigned Procurement and ongoing Supplier Management functions

In short, we’ve delivered value across the whole commercial portfolio.

The overriding thing we have learnt is that true commercial optimisation (as opposed to one off cost cutting) is an ongoing activity. There’s always more to do and, although we are happy to act on your behalf, you don’t always want to be contracting with externals to do it for you.

As a result a key part of most of our engagements has been about building our client’s internal capability, leaving them better off not just financially but also organisationally.

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