This is a time of unprecedented change for the Water industry, the opening of the retail market in April 2017 and the capping of consumer bills alone will require significant change programmes to achieve.

Whilst the industry is no stranger to change it is almost certain that it is going to increase over the short to medium term. The Open Water programme has acknowledged that there is an opportunity to learn from similar programmes in other industries that were opened up to competition, programmes which Cross8 resources have seen from the inside. The first thing which that experience tells us is that the rate of change will likely increase once the new framework is in place and your company will need to be prepared. This has been borne out by the Scottish example since 2008, years which have seen considerable change to the original Operational and Market Codes.

All of this while still delivering clean, safe water to your customers. An interesting challenge.

Nobody can claim to have done all of this activity in the water industry in England and Wales before, however, Cross8 resources have a track record of successfully delivering all of these elements across a number of sectors. We are well placed to work alongside you in this journey. To discuss how we could work together to deliver you change agenda please contact us.