Smart Metering

By the end of 2020 around 50 million smart meters will be fitted in UK homes, this is the biggest national infrastructure project ever undertaken.

This means substantial change for your business affecting up to 70% of your existing processes and introduction of new capabilities.

Part of the challenge of successfully transitioning to smart will revolve around the interim processes need for Smart and Traditional to coexisting for 5 years whilst the cut over to smart progresses

The Cross8 team of experts have extensive experience in getting your business ready and compliant to deliver in an efficient and effective manner.  The Cross 8 team have been working on Smart for the past 8 years including Retail and Metering transformation. Our teams have extensive experience including key accelerators to quickly mobilise and progress your smart transformation. We can provide support on creating the business case, target operating model, design, programme delivery and commercial strategy in fact just about everything there is to ensure your smart metering roadmap runs smoothly.

Consumer and customer engagement will ultimately be how the success of the smart meter roll out is measured by DECC and Ofgem. Cross8 will work closely with your company to develop the customer journeys incorporating the smart metering installation code of practice (SMICOP). Cross 8 have extensive experience in digital transformations and can work with you to optimise your customer experience.

Whether you’re one of the big operators or a new entrant to the market, a meter operator or network provider or a supplier into the smart metering sector. Cross8 have tremendous expertise including a wide network of known and trusted individuals in smart, so do get in touch to see how we can support your business.