You know that in today’s connected world retailers have to work harder than ever to retain customer loyalty. That will only get increase in the future as your improvements take effect, your customers adapt and expectations rise again. In short, retail has become an arena of constant change.

And it is already an entirely different market than it was as recently as 5 or 10 years ago. With the near saturation of social media feeds amongst your customers it is necessary to be able to change rapidly, as the British Retail Consortium notes:

 “…discussions among consumers are more often than not held in real time… which means [retailers] reactions to issues need to be quicker and more direct than ever” *

This calls for new systems and processes to be put in place to identify these emerging discussions and give your staff the ability to intervene early and control your brand.

Of course, while all of this is going on in plain sight customers do not necessarily appreciate the behind the scenes changes necessary simply to run an efficient, competitive business in today’s marketplace. Changes such as the introduction of new payment systems, be that self-service check outs or contactless payment to handle the increasing decline in the use of cash. Or the implementation of new processes to harness that deluge of data your new interactions generate and turn it into information you can use to provide services to your customers. All essential ingredients of a modern business but requiring significant change.

With all of these drivers to change flying at your business from all directions it has never been truer that the key to successful change is to have a clear rationale and a controlled process. Cross8 are experts in these very things. Our resources have implemented Customer Relationship Management systems, billing platforms and multi-channel strategies at some of the UK’s largest retailers.

With this wealth of experience Cross8 can help you concentrate on what you do best, deliver to your customers, while we concentrate on what we do best: manage your change for you. If you want to find out how please contact us.

* BRC – Great Expectations: Roundtable on building trust and transparency in the supply chain, 23 June 2014