IT Implementation

Like all IT companies you face the problem of bringing the deep technical expertise embodied in your organisation to your customer in a form that they can understand.

Cross8 have extensive experience working with IT companies and Systems Integrators across the world, from global leaders with offshore development centres to niche development houses based here in the UK. In each case we have had the same aim, translating your technical knowhow into tangible business results for your clients and ultimately repeat business for you. Below are just a couple of the key areas we have found ourselves able to help achieve that by having Cross8 personnel in your client facing team:

Programme and Project Management

Cross8 provide leadership that operates effectively at board level with your UK clients, driving for results from your organisation while representing you to the client. We have found that a third party management team at the senior level is able to act as an honest broker, helping ensure success for everyone.

Clarity of requirements

Too often IT changes suffer from the “That’s now what we wanted!” moment. How can all parties be sure they are speaking the same language? Cross8 believes that successful implementations have good requirements at their heart. Our skilled business analysts lead effective requirements gathering exercises ensuring that the data captured accurately reflects the business needs and desires and at the same time are technically rigorous enough to be passed to your development teams. With our resources’ key domain knowledge this process can be fast, rigorous and repeatable.


Does your solution roadmap fit with your clients’? We can help explore your target market bringing your technical enhancement roadmap to life to your clients, ensuring that it is aligned with their future needs and that you remain a key part of their business.

Whatever your specific project or programme it would be worth calling us to discuss how we can help, Cross8 personnel at all levels have worked with dozens of IT companies to implement changes successfully into their clients. By providing access to that pool of high calibre resources we can get you expertise on the ground quickly, flexing in size to meet your client’s needs and the fluctuating demands of the change lifecycle. Let us help open up that opportunity to you.

To find out more about how we can support you in your delivery to clients please contact us.