How to ensure excellent patient care and good health outcomes while implementing the structural changes brought in in April 2013 is the question at the forefront of the minds of many working in the NHS.

How will local authorities deliver on their new responsibility for health budgets? How will the integration between previously separate commissioning groups in health, social care and children’s services really operate on the ground? And finally, how to accomplish all of this in a complex, multi-layered regulatory environment while focussing on what really matters, patient care?

And, the reality is that people’s needs for the services provided by the NHS are growing faster than the funding allocated to it. In practical terms this means it is now essential to find new, ever more efficient ways to meet those patient needs and ensure positive health outcomes. And that means change.

Having led major programmes within the NHS delivering both efficiency gains and commissioning improvements we are well placed to help identify solutions to these problems and work alongside you to deliver them.

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