Gas & Electricity

It is no secret that the Gas and Electricity markets are currently undergoing their biggest change in a generation through the smart metering rollout. More than just a meter deployment, it is a transformational change touching all participants in the industry.

Of course while DECC focus on the rollout Ofgem continues to review the rest of the regulatory environment, introducing further changes. Reacting to the recent tariff simplification regulations, for example, is requiring a delicate balance to be struck between speed and control in the change programmes of a number of our clients.

All this against a backdrop of ever increasing competition as agile new entrants join the marketplace and consumers become increasingly aware of options to change supplier.

Gas and Electricity is an exciting time to be right now!

The Cross8 team have considerable experience working with suppliers, meter operators and network companies helping them deliver changes large and small. To find out more about our work in the Gas and Electricity sector and how we can support your business please contact us.