Field Force Management

Change in the field matters. The field is where your business becomes real, your product gets delivered, installed or fixed. The field force are usually the most visible part of an organisation with a direct impact on your customers and handled correctly they will be agents for your change.

But the truth is changes are harder to implement successfully in the field. Office based employees are a captive audience, you know where they all are, you know how to get training to them, if you need to brief them quickly it isn’t hard to get them all together. So if you are responsible for delivering change to a field force what do you do? Well, with lessons learnt from Cross8’s extensive experience it is possible to implement changes in the field fully confident of success.

Cross8 have been responsible for field based changes covering improvements to stock management processes, the implementation of just in time logistics, mobilising nationwide field providers to service new customers and the selection, procurement and implementation of scheduling and dispatch software and handheld devices. Our people have led programmes that insourced and programmes that outsourced delivery of work in the field.

With the economic climate making businesses re-evaluate how they deliver services in the field, new technology trends moving to a ‘bring your own device’ culture and the advantages of the long promised just in time logistics becoming a reality, you can be sure that field based change is only going to be increasing.

To find out more about how we can support you in your field based change please contact us.