Digital Transformation

In today’s world every business should be a digital business.

The pace of change continues on an increasingly upward curve challenging businesses to constantly evolve to meet new expectations, from customers, competitors, threats and opportunities.

Companies gaining competitive advantage now are those that rapidly deliver digital processes, products and services to quickly optimize their business models, operational processes and customer journeys.

At Cross8 our team of digital and business change experts focus on 4 inter-connected pillars: 

Strategy & Innovation

We will help you carve out the strategic vision and innovate to understand and take advantage of where the potential value will be for your business in the next 5 years. Having this innovative approach to digital strategy by constantly prototyping, testing and refining will produce the strongest results.

Customer Journey

Understanding the decision making process of customers is central to unlocking the opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and profit levels through an enhanced service and reduction in a cost to serve. A key area where Cross8 adds value is by helping you analyse and translate your data from the multiple customer touch points back into actions to ease and improve the customer journey.

Business Process and Operations 

The Cross8 team will help guide you through digitizing your process and operations. Often this is about simplifying processes, cutting across silo’s, significantly reducing redundant functions and duplication, not necessarily about technology. Once the simplification has occurred, the injection of small, agile digital teams can quickly reap big rewards by taking advantage of these reduction in timelines, duplication and inefficiencies by rapidly building, testing, deploying and refining the product or service.

Data and Analytics 

Cross8 will ensure you make the right decisions based on your data and customer analytics, by translating your data into business insights and actions. With data now available from many sources making sense of that data will allow you to make meaningful, strategic adjustments that minimize costs and maximize results.

To find out more about how we can help your company realise its full potential through digital transformation please contact us