Experts in change management

Cross8 are a delivery led business and experts in change management. We are founded on integrity, expertise and a passion to produce outcomes and sustainable long term relationships with all our clients. These are the three principles by which  we work enabling us to deliver successfully to both your business and ours.


We believe that operating ethically and running a successful business should be intrinsically linked, we therefore act with absolute integrity in everything we do and have fostered a culture that is transparent and based on honest and open relationships and transactions.

We recognise that a weakness of traditional consulting models is that the client becomes dependent upon the consultant. We seek to avoid that outcome by empowering our customers to be more self-reliant through targeted support and knowledge transfer. Our enduring relationships will be forged on an earned status as a valued partner, not from hoarding knowledge.


We believe the most effective teams and individuals are those who have a real passion for the work they are engaged on.

We deliver that passion through a combination of careful recruitment and continued encouragement. Our people know that there are three parties in this relationship. The client, Cross8 and themselves. For the best chance of success, all three have to be satisfied. Ultimately if we’re not enjoying it, we shouldn’t be doing it.


We only put the very best people on an account. People with real expertise in their domain, be that a transferrable skill like project management or an industry sector.

We believe that the most effective teams and individuals are those who are suitably empowered. To that end we insist on operating with trust and mutual respect empower our staff to take responsibility.

Who we’ve worked with

The Cross8 team have worked extensively with clients ranging from multinational FTSE100 companies to startups with as few as three people. We believe that Cross 8′s success is based on establishing and maintaining effective long term partnerships with our clients. Many of the engagements Cross8 is involved in are naturally interim, transitory. Our relationships are not. We measure our success by the continuing nature of our clients’ success.

We believe that delivering sustainable value to our customers is at the heart of everything we do.