Cross 8’s founders have worked for more than 20 years with clients ranging from multinational FTSE100 companies to start-ups. That kind of longevity is only possible because our clients know that we deliver on our promises.

Alongside our group of incredibly talented people, our reputation is our most important asset so there’s a small number of extremely important ways that we work with you to earn that reputation:

  • We believe that operating ethically and running a successful business should be intrinsically linked, so we act with absolute integrity in everything we do and have fostered a culture that is transparent and based on honest and open relationships and transactions.
  • We believe the most effective teams and individuals are those who have a real passion for the work they are engaged on. So we work hard to find the right people and if we get it wrong (it’s happened… rarely… but it has happened) we face into it and fix it quickly.
  • We only put the very best people on an account. People with real expertise in their domain. And because we believe that the most effective teams and individuals are those who are suitably empowered, we set clear goals and give our people the space to succeed.

In the end we measure our success by your success.

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